My name is Solange Suri. I’ve practiced as a fashion designer and been an educator in the discipline of Fashion Design for two decades. The study of Philosophy has been my other love; and writing poetry, a natural outpouring of my heart, which is forever feverishly seeking to understand.Apart from my professional occupations, I’ve played multiple roles. I’ve been a daughter, a friend, a confidante, a student, a sounding board, a seeker, a wife and a parent.

I was never a wanderer. But I was a dreamer. Life has always placed me in a web of relationships; my daily routines synchronized to meet the needs of those I derive my identity from. However, each day gifts us empty moments…moments where you are reprieved from your roles…moments where I would escape on the wings of Dream, Imagination or Philosophical Thought. And just as one can rise above chaos and make sense of it by organizing it as a pattern, I found myself consciously making time so that I could have more time to take flight, and see from a distant perspective all the happenings of my life. I saw how they each enriched and informed my experiences… I saw and understood the design of my personality as an outcome of their interactions. I also saw that we’re never free within the bounds of our relationships. Freedom in a relationship is of a different type. It requires a detachment from self-centredness, a wholehearted acceptance of those around you and a conscious choosing of your responses. In a relationship, the scope of your choice of action is limited, but you’re free in your choice of response. However, this freedom is not automatically yours, it must be something you come to know…a place where you have come to live… My escapades during the intervals of my daily obligations, brought me to this space.

In all my relationships, I’ve always been the ‘Listener’. Listening was yet another way for me to provide myself with space and distance and at the same time, making a more intimate, respectful connection with people around me. ┬áIn listening, I grew not only closer to the hearts of those I was tied to, but also, plumbed the depths of my own.Here is what I’ve learned along the way:

People are beautiful.

People are misunderstood.

People are judged too harshly and

People are no different from me.

I also learned that despite all our worldly knowledge, we know nothing. And it is when we acknowledge that, that something wonderful and extremely powerful happens… we speak from a deeper experience… We speak from Truth. In essence, truth is all we know and all that we can ever claim to know.

This blog is an exposition of the many enlightening thoughts and realizations that have come to me in the course of living. Life has been an incredible teacher. In its circumstances, I have learned to be free and live with wit, wisdom and wonder.



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