What if you are unavailable to yourself?

The mind occupied

With thoughts that are not about you

The heart beating silently

Your talents offered

Without a care for reward

You stand detached from action

The act of waiting for your turn to come-

For the time when you will be available

To attend to yourself

-has an incredible power…

It sustains you without

All the things you thought were necessary…


…the time to exist just for yourself…

Without them as your cause to be

You stand in effect

Freed from all the limitations

That define your littleness.



Till We Meet Again…

I wish you’d leave
I’d like to be alone

In a time and space
Freed of the need
To be guarded

Right now
I don’t want to care
For what you will think or feel
I just want to
Touch base with myself

But then in my solitude
I find myself searching
For that permanence
That’s supposed to be me
…A me without you.

What an ache there is
To find no such thing
Just a hope that one day
When the curtains come down
On the drama of our lives

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What Remains When All Ends

Each experience

Is like a short film


A fixed-duration sound and light show.


My life is an illusory line

Composed of short-lived segments


Everything with a beginning is fated for an end.


All that I know

At some point fades into the darkness of what I don’t


Every day ends in a dark night.


In and through short-lived experiences

The experience of experiencing has persisted


With all that changed, this alone has remained.





I suspect that

There’s no other time

Apart from NOW.


Your memories and

Your dreams

Live only in the NOW.


You can’t be better than

Or more prepared than

You already are…NOW.


How you will be tomorrow

Is how you are

Today…in this moment…NOW.


The most important people

Exist in your life

Right here, right NOW.


To wait in hope

Is to hold your breath

Inhale and exhale…NOW.


To grow is not a future plan

It is to fill up

The space of NOW.






A Time to Become, A Space to Be

So, if a measured unit of time has gone by

What has happened to immeasurable space?


Space cannot go by

Or be over…

Spaces are where we live

Where we think and feel…

Gain and lose

Give and take

Seek out and find…

Space is shared

Space is for all

Space is co-existence.


Time may slip through

But there’s no reason why space should too.


Space is not a dimension of becoming

It’s a dimension of being

Let’s make the choice

To be more than just little.

To choose silence over argument

To see that grace and disgrace

Co-exist and collude, fool and then enlighten…

So that you may see the folly in seeking external favour

And then to understand that if you didn’t insist

On living within the walls you built


There’d be no consequential desire to leave

And nothing you’d want to walk away from.