A second is but

A rhythmic chime

Reminding us of

The flow of time


A journey from

Then to now to then

An answer to every

Question of when


Time is the power

That allows us to see

Who we were

And what we’ve come to be


On its path

We inevitably come to find

All that we must

Eventually leave behind


And how is it

That we must meet our time?

Is this moment new

Or a continuing rhyme?


Must I be faithful to memory

Or have faith in the unknown?

Must I invest my time

Or borrow it like a loan?


Is a stack of moments

The sum of my life?

Or is life an expanse

Which is in moments, rife?


Must I use its power

To meet my destiny?

Must I move from

Smallness to immensity?


Such are the questions

This morning to me has brought

The currents of time

Draw a line with a dot


It’s this artistry, this design

That is so fascinating

The observance of time

Is the art of man-making.

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