He speaks with conviction

In words certain

With belief, meaning and purpose

While she dwells in doubt

Her words sitting on the fence

Of belief, meaning and purpose


He knows what he sees

And sees what he knows

She overlooks what she sees

And oversees what she knows


He travels to distant lands

In search of industry, wealth and love

Carrying with him

Proof of accomplishment

Proof of wealth and

Proof of love


He’s driven by desire

To own and possess

She knows that to own

Is to be possessed


While he speaks of his dreams

Of bringing her all of heaven and earth

She wonders why he won’t see

That all of heaven

Is right here, right now

In her hearth


He works odd hours

He says it brings the bread home

She cooks for two

But dines alone.


He says he’s free like the wind

And will not be tied down

And yet like a gentle night breeze

That’s destined to fill in a calm

He fills into her arms

His defenses down.

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