Within me

So many have lived

and scripted my story


Some have stayed

for decades

for years






Washed away

by floods of tears.


Some come visiting

a month, a week

and leave soon after

they find their seek


Coveted guests

who appear

for a minute or two


Refresh and



A residue of wisdom

on ways to cope

They leave behind

magical wings of hope.


My nothingness defined

by their very being

They’ve challenged what I know

of my seeing.


They’ve come to me

inhabited my space

They’ve shown their artistry

their canvas- my face.


Desires in search

for room, for chest

They’ve come to me

to manifest.


It’s in rare moments like these

I stand face to face

Watching in silence


My nothingness


My space.


I know now

I can clearly see

My space is nothing

But desire’s destiny.



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