I woke up with a sigh

To meet today

Today is what

Today has always been…

Unpredictable and moody.

It’s a child of the seasons

A fickle temper is coded

Into its DNA.

And so, it will provoke me

(Like it always does)

With something or the other…

With the memory of a lover

Who it swallowed up

Insidiously on one such today

That I can’t recall having seen or lived

It must have slipped by me…

And who now remains with me

Partly because he’s a committed man

Who’s met and lived through

Many todays

And like me

Has endured the weight of every today

With its accompanying aches and pains.

We’re here now

Still together

Because we saw through

It’s whimsical ways

And chose to ignore its treachery

This today is no longer mine or yours

It belongs to Us.

This gift of a conquered Today

This gift of familiarity,

Friendship and forgiveness

Is really the gift of having met

And survived

Without escape, without excuse

Every Today


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