When the lights go out

So do all differentiations

Everything gets absorbed

In a rich velvety darkness


The night is a great leveler

It swallows up all distinctions

The day’s convictions dissolve in the night’s cabernet

And everything that was something loses its grip


The expectation of the night is total surrender

It claims from you your all

All the sparkling acquisitions of your day

Stand shrouded by an austere night


And it doesn’t seem to care

About all the things that decorate your existence

As it falls like an ink blot

On the script of your life


So while the day adds to your life

Things for the mind and things that matter

The night subtracts

Reducing your prized possessions to mere amusements.


I stand in the darkness of the night

Strangely redeemed…

As light exits and things lose their ‘edge’

I find that ‘I’- am still there…


In and through the absences, I prevail…

My only gain… my total loss

My only strength… my vulnerability

My only society… my solitude

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