You asked me why I ask

So many questions

When the answers are so few


What purpose could it serve

Asking so many questions

And will new answers

Stop me from asking

The same old questions?!?!


Why can’t I accept

The answers already given (or perhaps hidden)

For centuries…for eons…since eternity…


Aren’t willful ignorance

and elusive enlightenment

riding on the same adventure?


I don’t know…


I guess I find no silence, no repose

In the posers

you call answers


For the same twisted reason



You get so disturbed, so diverted

By the posers

that are my questions.


So there we are

All gesture paused

By an exasperated silence


Thought defeated, we now just are…

Sitting vis-à-vis

Sailing together, I realize,

In the same clichéd boat

To a destination known only to silent destiny.


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