I sat still in my car

Incapacitated by the traffic jam

Unable  to inch forward

My eyes moved up…

I saw the metro crawl…

Above it, a plane flew past

In an open sky

My mind travelled

I visited a childhood memory…

And then a book shop in California…

And then to a time when Kiara would be vaguely older…

And then…

” Door na ja-o… Door na ja-o… (don’t go far away from me, don’t go far away from me…)”

My traveling mind was arrested by this voice crooning on my car stereo

I paused…

Cut short my mental journey through time

And listened out of a sense of obligation

(after all, I had turned on the car stereo to listen to music…)

I brought my mind back to where I was in the traffic jam

With the metro crawling above

And yet another airplane flying above in a vast open sky.


In that moment I knew

My mind was vaster

than the vast open sky.

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