I see it now as an idyllic moment

This ensemble before me

Unfolding its meaning

Undressing like a new bride

As I sit and watch

As is ritual

The world move by

Outside my window


Rains lashing

My silence hitherto undisturbed

is seduced now

By the strains of an effusive piano

Playing in the soul of a CD

…somewhere in the distance

Of a love felt deeply

As deeply as feeling will allow…


Men, women and children

Hurry past my frame

Creatures of free will

Now like puppets on strings of rain

They seem beautiful in their vulnerability

Simple in their motives

As they run on surrendered feet

To familiar sounds, spaces and rituals…


Is that really true?

Or is that simply my view?

-An idyllic view…

The sum of a subliminal math

Of a memory recalled by a sentimental piano

And stirrings emancipated by an unbridled monsoon

And people running as the rain wills

Randomly. Intermittently.


Maybe that’s all there is

Maybe that’s all that takes

To see the world as beautiful

Sometimes all you need

Is beautiful music

A beautiful memory

A beautiful window


A beautiful ritual.



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