It’s pitiful that I should try every cheap trick

To appear larger, more accomplished than you.


We, who are riding on the tides of Time

Must instead surrender to its power and mercy


Now, no matter what fancy threads you wear

Or how compelling a yarn I spin


You and I will fail to live up to

All  the expectations we set from our self-constructed greatness.


You appear phony to me

And I, to you, insignificant.


Our greatness if any, doesn’t lie in appearances

But in our every effort to step away from them.


Appearances after all, it must be remembered

Arise from the imagination, and not from reality.


Time, will eventually, strip us off our masks

Freed from our caricatured existence, we will fall from our castles in the air.


So today, even though I co-exist with you

I am contemptuous of your insignificant life


You annoy me, and I disappoint you

You seek acceptance, and I see you as being worthy of rejection


But remember, we’re not made to relay reactions

We have the power to send forth powerful action


That powerful action is unconditioned by appearances

It may be mined from your heart


It’s in the lap of time we must seek our nurturing

As it is time that will render our rhetoric in pantomimes.








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