I lie down for a nap.

Thoughts are racing in my head.

They fight each other

One must emerge as the winner-

The most powerful thought-

The one endowed with most reason…

The fight in mind should settle it

Once and for all.


I shut my eyes

I consciously step away from the arena.

Their argument becomes dimmer as I walk away…

When the noises become faint

I slip into bliss…



I’m up…

The thoughts are now a memory.

Time transported me into the future.

Having left thought behind

I feel older, wiser

more mature.


This is the way to grow:

This is the way to win:

Yes, thoughts will enter

And claim your space

Allow them to fight out their dialectical destiny.

Stand up

Walk away

Realize that

The attainment you seek

Doesn’t  depend on a thought’s victory.




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