Time, our common inheritance, is given to us bit by bit, in instalments. It is apprehended as the gap between two experiences or two memories. We experience time in our experience of having moved forward, or in having left behind an experience or in having grown. It is in the growth of our consciousness that we experience time. And although it is our common gift, we differ in the way we experience time…in what we choose to do with it. For some, time is the dull, aching persistence of memory. For others, it’s marked by the chase of a desire for an imagined future. Our being is often torn between our past and our worries or hopes for the future.

Our experience of time is dependent upon the quality, quantity and pre-occupations of our thoughts. The more the thoughts and the more they revolve around your self and your plans, the more you will stand defeated. The rich rewards time yields can never be claimed by one who is under the captivity of his/her own mind. They can only be reaped by those who are free of their past and have faith in a yet unseen future. This faith allows them to live without fear-in the here and the now.

We swim through life in a sea of eternity. The past, present and future are our mental constructs; they have no basis in reality. We simply move from the present to the present, bit-by-bit. We grow, or  at least we ought to, in our ability to grasp the wealth of a single moment. Right now is all I am bequeathed. Right now is all that I have.

My grand ideas keep me from appreciating the little. I equate ‘more’ with ‘more’. I’m unable to see that in the dimension of time, a breadth of accomplishment lies in the depth of a moment. Is it possible that in this moment of a single breath, I accomplish all that I must accomplish. In wanting something more than what this moment is offering me, am I not missing something? What is a year after all, if not an exponential day? And what is a day, if not an exponential hour? And what is an hour, if not an exponential minute?

The question then should be : How do I raise the power of my present? The only way to raise the power of the present is to LIVE IN IT. Living in the present requires that we be free of worry and entrenched in faith. The faithless move from one enchantment to the next, foolishly bypassing the miracles of their own lives. Unable to see the value in their existence as it is, they long for another. In their longing, plans and journeys are made, things are acquired and positions sought. They wait for that moment when they will taste the times they long for, looking down in irritation at the present that seems so indifferent and ordinary. They often talk about ‘killing’ time, rather than ‘living’ it. To have faith, is to awaken to the power of both- REASON and INTUITION. A person of faith knows that he has all that he needs to ride heroically on this moment. It’s not wiled away in longing, but befriended through an exchange of capabilities. The moments are lived as a celebration; they’re not wasted in planning a celebration. The wise know that there is nothing to be gained in life, that life-in this moment- is the gain itself.


Right now-

I realized

Cannot be met

With charming words


It will meet you only in silence.


Right now-

Wants and desires

An immediate and intense union

A disappearance of two


And the appearance of the one.


Right now-

Refuses to conform

To the conventional, the old

Where the world ‘exists’ in a long-dead relationship

Between subject and predicate.


Right now-

I am worthless in what I know and possess

But valuable (I sense)

In my sheer presence


Beggared of all accumulated wealth.


Right now-

I am humbled

By this lack of basic ability

To share with you


The gift of the new.


Right now-

I realize

I shall have to make do

With greeting cards and amusing knick-knacks


To convey fossilized feelings to you.


Right now-

I appreciate the distance between us

Hoping that wherever you are

You are alone, immersed in your own presence


Receiving this gift that I lack the ability to give.






2 thoughts on “Right now

    1. “Faith,” in the words of Rabindranath Tagore,”is like the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark.” Faith is a stage on the way to a higher consciousness. It allows us to come to see the reality, we posited our belief in. The faith I speak of here is a faith in providence, in unfailing goodness, in an abundance that exists even though we lack the acumen to apprehend it through our current mental state. It is such a faith that allows us to conquer tormenting thoughts of yesterday and give up anxieties of the future, leaving us free to live in the present.


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