Who indeed is interested

in my excellence

but me!

So powerful is my desire

to know

to be certain

to have affirmed

my glory…

That it divides me into two-

the fool and the sage

the criminal and the judge

the sinner and the saint

the wrong and the right

the actor and the thinker

the ignorant and the enlightened

the world and I.

how must I get to know that which I am ignorant of?

how must I reclaim that which I have severed from my self, so that I understand?

this knowledge I suspect

cannot be taught.

I must await its dawn

I must reach out in faith

I must curate my experiences with love.

All other affections are mean and misleading.

After all,

the world and its opposites exist

just so that I know who I really am-

An Intense Desire To Know.

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